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House training your dog does not mean being hard or monstrous with your dog. Dog training takes a long time and often the people who spend the time educating them are the people who love their dogs the most. We will now see why it is good to train your dog. Dogs are sociable animals, and want help to develop their abilities.

In a dog group, a family, a clan as you like, there is a role for each dog . Often it is the mother who educates her puppy. To stop puppy biting It is therefore in his genes to be trained. If you don't train your dog, you are contributing to his BAD HAPPINESS!

In the end we are the same as our dog. If we don't evolve, we become unhappy. Man and dog need to evolve because it contributes to their happiness. To evolve is to be trained, and it goes well beyond basic training, your dog is capable of much more , and you will see this in a video below.

Plus, when you house training a puppy, you spend time and give him attention, and your dog needs it too. So you know how to stop dogs from chewing and how to make a dog stop barking.

Before you can crate training a puppy and you can train the dog on how to stop a small dog from biting.

It is also a question of security. Teaching your dog the basic rules can save his life. Teach your dog to walk in step, to stop on the sidewalk, to wait for you to cross the road, to come back when you call him and to prevent him from getting lost in the middle of the forest. How to stop biting dogs and stop biting a puppy.

Developing confidence through these moments of play and dressage is also important. Training your dog also means teaching him to integrate into his new family. Each family has its own rules, and it's up to you to educate your dog to understand these rules.

Yes, it is your fault if your dog annoys your guests when they are at the table and there is no point in yelling at him, punishing him, or worse hitting him ... But if you are looking for information on canine training I am sure you never hit your dog

Your dog is attention seeking and much more than a soft toy to pass the time or a fad. No, the Chihuahua in Madam's bag may be "stylish" but it doesn't take into account that her dog is capable of much more than standing in a bag!

This can train the dog from annoying dog barking and will answer how to train your dog to stop barking. You have to always reward your dog. Lots of dogs are experiencing separation anxiety.

Know that each breed of dog has its own gifts to develop. A section will be reserved to give you advice on each breed and their qualities to develop.

Are you now convinced that training your dog is the best thing you can give him? Hiring a dog trainer could be expensive so train your dog yourself.

Does your dog defecate anywhere in your home? You yelled at him, punished him, but nothing helped. It's normal, you will discover a simple and fun method to make your dog clean.

When your dog wakes up, take him outside. When he's finished eating too.

When he relieves himself outside, praise him. Be really expressive, this is important. Your dog should feel that you are praising him.

When your dog defecates indoors, say "NO" in a stern tone, pick him up and take him outside. And outside, repeat the previous step, praise him.

Important: If you realize that your dog / puppy has defecated in it. Don't say anything, he wouldn't understand. You have to take him in action to scold him and let him understand.

In addition, it could interfere with the proper training of your dog. He will no longer understand what to do and will run away from you to defecate.

By following these steps carefully, your dog will be clean in less than 2 weeks. All you have to do is put these tips into practice.

Do you have to get upset and are you fed up with your 4-legged friend snubbing you when you call him?

Stop chasing him, in the following lines you will learn how to get your dog to come back to you. I assure you, your dog loves you!

Simply, it takes time to make the connection between the name you give him and him. Be patient. Here's how to get your dog to come when you call him in 4 easy steps.

At first, put yourself in an energetic and warm attitude. In short, open up, smile, your dog should see that you are in a good mood and that you want to play.

Now you will associate the reminder with a visual movement. To start, crouch down pat your knees and call your puppy with a smile.

To start, really choose very expressive movements. Over time you will simply associate a word or a simple gesture. For now, choose something understandable.

When the dog approaches, encourage him more so that he feels he is doing something right. - When he comes in contact with you, party him. Pet him praise him.

With practice, your dog will obey the recall without a problem. You can easily associate the gesture you want, as well as the associated word.

Do these tips answer your question?

It is really dangerous to have a dog that does not walk on your feet. Walking down the street with a dog that is going all over the place can cause you a lot of worry, especially if it starts to go on the road ...

This is why, for the sake of your dog, you need to know how to teach him to walk. And you will see, it only takes a few simple steps to train your dog to walk.

Know that your dog must recognize his name, and that you can start this type of training around 6/7 weeks.

Equip yourself with treats, your dog's favorite toy and an object to simulate obstacles.

Squat down call the puppy and reward him when he comes by petting him and teasing him with his favorite toy

Move around and lower yourself often so the dog can see that you are paying attention. This is very important at the beginning because it will encourage him to follow you. And that helps keep the atmosphere of games.

Each time your dog is in contact with your leg, say "it's good, at the foot". - Call your puppy to order whenever his shoulder goes past your leg. Now here's how to go further:

vary the speed. As and when the important thing is that it becomes natural, the dog will get used to adapting to you.

You can then start slaloming between obstacles, and the dog must pass on the same side as you.

Stop: Stop by saying "STOP". When he is not at his feet, wandering in the sandstone of the winds, say "NO".

And, when he's on his feet, remember to reward him often with hugs and treats.

By following these steps, you will finally be able to walk with your dog on your feet, in complete safety.

Your dog refuses the leash and lets himself be dragged on the ground when you walk? It is important to teach your dog to walk on a leash, especially for safety reasons. Exit methods without respect for the dog, you will learn how to walk with your dog on a leash while respecting him!

Note that it is often advisable to start walking on a leash at 10/12 weeks.

What you can do before that age is put the collar on it to get it used to it. You put on the collar and start an active walk or play session so that the dog focuses on something other than the collar. Because at first it won't necessarily please him, so help him get used to it.

In general, it takes 4-6 months to train your dog to walk perfectly on the leash.

Put the leash on your dog. When he stops, crouch down, call him up, and praise him when he comes to you.

Go to a quiet place to slalom between the obstacles.

Make frequent stops by tapping your foot and saying “STOP”.

Praise him every time he does something right. You often see these words written but it is the very basis of training. Your dog feels he is doing something right, he is being rewarded, so that keeps him going, until he understands what is being asked of him.

After a few days of training, depending on your motivation, your dog will master this exercise. And by being patient, as the weeks go by, your dog will perform perfectly on the leash.

That's it, do you master the basic training that every dog ​​should know? Now you will learn to play with your dog. You are going to discover 4 tricks to teach your dog that are really nice. Your dog has an immense capacity for learning, he will always surprise you!


Your dog on your left, your legs are spread. Show him a treat and use it as bait to make him roll an eight by going between your legs. Give him the treat and praise him. Associate a gesture with this trick so that he can do it as he goes without the treat.


Squat down next to your dog, ask him to lie down. Place your hand on his back Bring a treat in front of his nose As soon as he takes the slightest step while crawling, say "Ramps" and give him a treat.


Combine a word or phrase like "Turns" for example. Make him perform a trick on himself by placing the treat in front of him, it is the bait.


Put a stick on the ground, and pass the dog over it with a treat and say hop when he has passed over it. Raise the bar a little, then start again. Go really gradually, combine a gesture and a word with the acrobatics and persevere

So, is your dog happy? He can now slalom between the legs, crawl, turn on himself, jump over your leg.

In the following video, you will discover Chico, a dog adopted by Nathalie Lampron. You will see him perform 40 laps…. learned in 6 months!

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We often adopt a puppy. A puppy we say is small and cute. And it is easier to train your dog from an early age. Of course, there is some truth to it.

When training begins in the first months, the dog is no longer a problem in adulthood.

However, this is not a reason not to adopt an adult dog. How to train an adult dog? How to deal with the difficulties posed by an adult dog? Let us not forget either whether it is an adult dog or a dog, training is always complicated.