FEEDING and treating

It’s hard to trust the dog food industry these days after all the pet food recalls that has been happening plus all the controversies surrounding the ingredients they use in making commercial dog feed. Toxic chemicals such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Propylene Glycol, artificial food dyes are only a few examples of commonly found ...

This book was a great addition to our extensive knowledge about healthy dog food. Our dog is very pickie and time to time we cook him fresh food. He doesn't it anything canned so knowing some secrets helps to keep our dog healthy.

Try them now, I am sure you will find something useful there to keep your dog happy and healthy.

My dog can’t get enough of these. I’ve tried looking for an equal quality, cheaper brand and found a couple but am nervous to switch. He is teething and the twists are perfect for that. He can hold them and chew using his molars (since that’s a he has right now) and he chews and chews. When he is done, he comes and sits by my, straight up, shoulders back, very polite. He is 4 years old but that is how he says he would please like another.

I wish there was another option to get these for less but I have to say, there is no other treat or chewy that he loves like he loves these. I keep buying them because they make him so happy and he loves them so much. I rest easy knowing that they’re holistic and all natural.

This is an Amazing threat and your dog will love it and will beg for more. It is all natural and safe so I guess this is now a permanent item in our shopping list.

Zesty Paws Coconut Oil is a superfood supplement derived from 100% Certified Organic coconuts that provides dogs with natural nourishment. As a clean source of medium-chain triglycerides (fatty acids), this extra virgin Coconut Oil helps promote overall cognitive, digestive, and immune health while supporting the skin and coat. To keep your canine healthy and happy.

As a topical lotion, the properties in this pure Coconut Oil relieves itching from flea bites and irritation from red hot spots. This Coconut Oil also helps with dry skin, dandruff, and cracked paw troubles. Coconut oil supplements can help fight against itchy, chapped, flaky, and overall irritated skin and helps protect against scratching, allergies, hot spots, fleas, all common skin problems, and are especially great for pets with sensitive skin. Great for any breed and dogs for all weight classes including small and large dogs - safe for puppies.

Our Yorkie is very picky he doesn't eat regular canned food at all. We had a real issue trying to feed him. We even tried cooking separately for him. This until we found JustFoodForDogs in our local Petco. Since then we never had any problems with feeding our dog. He likes the food eats it very fast and never leave anything on the plate.

This is also great source of the nutrients so our Yorkie looks and feels great. The food is GRAIN FREE and has WHOLE-FOOD INGREDIENTS And every single ingredient is fit for human consumption to ensure the highest quality, whole fresh food for dogs to help them look and feel their best.

Feed your dog Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets dog food. Free from grains, potatoes, filler and chicken ingredients, this True L.I.D. features one animal protein source and two primary carbohydrate sources, helping you avoid ingredients commonly associated with food sensitivities.

This dog food is formulated with 32% protein - the highest crude protein level among leading Limited Ingredient dog food brands - and features real premium quality lamb as the #1 ingredient.

We have a picky eater. He has been since he was a baby. He always gets the best dog food brands but suddenly stopped eating any dry food. We tried several different dog food brands until decided to try this topper. So this dog food mixer was the excellent solution for our dog.

We are big fans now of this dried topper. These are like little soft cylindrical pieces that you just mix with their dry dog food. They almost look like little treats. He loves them and leaves his bowl empty!

It was a really time and money savier.

  • Delicious turkey is the first ingredient in these dog treats. Prepared with ingredients sourced worldwide and cooked in the USA

  • These treats can be given to dogs of all weights (see chart on back of packaging). They are intended as a treat and not food.

These Jerky are great!!! Our dog loves it so much clud eat it no stop. They smell so delishes like it was made for humans. We will definitely recommend those for your pet as well. Treat him with the fresh real turkey. They have other flavors too. And this Jerky is also a good treat to keep your dog's teeth healthy. Get them now you wont regret!